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BioNET training is finished

Kolasin_17th of November 2017_NGO Green Home in the cooperation with Montenegrin Ecologists Society and Center for protection and Research of Birds were organized BioNET training in the period 13th of November ‚Äď 17th of November 2017. BioNET training was organiyed for NGOs that are members of BioNET network.


BioNET is regional network, gathers 14 non-governmental organization from the neighboring country (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo) which is the main task enviromental protection.  BioNET project is financed by GIZ. The main aim of the project is to improve cooperation between NGOs.


On that occasion, participants had opportunity to learn about Governance of Natura 2000 sites. Training was led by Mrs. Sissi Samec, key expert for setting up Natura 2000 in the Montenegro.


Second day of the training, participants had opportunity to learn about role and the way of inclusion stakeholders. Knowledge and skills on that topic is presented by Diana and Joel Pound -  Dialogue matters, UK).


Erika Harms (Planet4People ‚Äď USA) was emphasized the role of Protected Areas Marketing with the aim in protection. In that occasion participants had opportunity to visit National Park Durmitor and to intoroduce with the way of management in that park.


Professor Josim Kusak introduced participants with the importance of the role of large carnivores and development of Management Plans for large carnivores .


Participants had opportunity to visit Botanic Garden in Kolasin. Presentation about Botanic garden is done by professor Danijela Stesevic. The fact that on that small area lives about 500 plant species was amazing for participants.


Taking into consideration that are the first activites of BioNET network, in cooperation with NGO CEZAM will be record film about BioNET network.


BioNET network¬† will continue to work on the building capacity with the main aim ‚Äď environmental protection.


More information on: milica.kandic@greenhome.co.me