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Conducted planting actions in Podgorica – Forest park Zlatica and Ćemovsko polje

Podgorica – 13th of April 2018 – NGO Green Home in cooperation with Forest Management Directorate, Directorate for emergency situations, Operational Unit for Protection, Enterprises: Zelenilo and Montenomaks, conducted planting actions on two locations in Podgorica – Forest Park Zlatica and Forest Park Cemovsko polje.


Besides the mentioned institutions and enterprises, on planting actions join us: volunteering clubs from High Schools – “Slobodan Skerovic”, “Sergije Stanic”, “Marko Radevic”, children from kindergardens: “Dobra Vila”  and “Mondo Creativo” as well as members of volunteering club from Montenegrin Telekom, environmental and activist NGOs.


The total amounts of volunteers were about 250.


Involving different actors in this action is very important for the raising awareness and strengthens volunteering.


There are several pressures on this forest parks, such as: illegal cutting, waste disposal, fires consequences. Taking into consideration this, we decide to conduct planting actions on these locations.


In forest Park Zlatica was planted 330 plants of Pinus nigra and in forest park Cemovsko polje was planted 520 plants of Pinus nigra, stone pine as well as hackberries.


These activities are financed by Montenegrin Telekom as well as Ministry of Finance (lottery fund).


More information on: milica.kandic@greenhome.co.me and diana.cavor@greenhome.co.me