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Celebration of Drin Day 2018

NGO Green Home will organize the celebration of the   Drin Day  with the support of the GEF project "Strengthening Cross-Border Cooperation and Integrated Water Resources Management in the Extended Drim River Basin".
This action will include the organization of an educational round table on May 3 (Hotel Podgorica), which will be attended by students of natural sciences as well as NGO representatives in the field of environment, as well as the organization of an educational camp that will be held on May 4th and 05th in Skadar Lake. Also,an online quiz will be organized from the 2nd to 4th. May, and a person with the first correct answer to the question will be rewarded.
The celebration of the Drin Day aims to increase the understanding of the value of this natural resource that is of great importance to humans and the ecosystem. Namely, in the expanded Basin of the River Drim, there are about 1.5 million people who rely on water resources for drinking water, agriculture, fisheries, industry, electricity production and tourist services. This is at the same time a place where ecosystems of great importance are located with unique biotopes with many indigenous species. At the same time, this area supports and affects the coastal and marine ecosystems of the Adriatic Sea, through streams of groundwater.
Participants will have the opportunity to hear about the importance of the Drim Basin, or Skadar Lake, through the presentation of experts from this field within the framework of the round table as well as the camp that will be organized on Skadar Lake. Theoretical and field presentations on the biodiversity of the Skadar Lake will be held, followed by invasive species, reptiles and birds that are specific to this area. The hydrology of the Bojana river and its specificities will also be discussed. A very important segment of this camp will be the lectures of Bushcraft Montenegro on nature, navigation, food gathering, ancient ways of burning fire and making shelter in nature.