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Trans-boundary Summer Programme

The Trans-boundary Summer Programme will bring together 15 youth (aged 18-24) from Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania for a 5-day (4-night) youth exchange at ERA's Hajla Mountain Lodge in Rugova, Kosovo - July 18-23 2018.

ERA's Hajla Mountain Lodge is located at 2000 meters (below the summit of Hajla peak), and can only be reached by hiking. The youth participants from Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania will gain and share experiences in environmental issues, natural and cultural heritage, cross-border challenges, outdoor skills and leadership, while forming new friendships and contacts for continuing to work in protecting and promoting the trans-boundary area of Bjeshket e Nemuna/Prokletije/Albanian Alps - which forms the area of the potential Balkan Peace Park.


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For more information, please contact ERA group at info@eradirect.org or message us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/eragroup