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Active citizens for better Montenegro

NGO Green Home started implementation of project „Active citizens for better Montenegro“ in cooperation with following organizations: MANS (lead project partner), Center for Protection and Research of Birds – CZIP, Expeditio, Montenegrin Ecologists Society and organization Argus.

Expected results of project:

-        More information on planning and implementation of the largest development projects in infrastructure, energy and tourism is publicly available;

-        More CSOs and citizens participating in  decision making imrpoved quality of laws, planning and tender documents for the targeted projects;

-        Institutions process more cases of maladministration and/or corruption related to the targeted projects that are implemented with better respect of legal provisions and standards.

Project „Active citizens for better Montenegro“ is funded by European Commission. Project will last until March 2020.

More information at: natasa.kovacevic@greenhome.co.me