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Site visit to local communities in municipality Plav

Plav_19th of October 2018._NGO Green Home organized site visit to local communitites in municipality Plav. Site visit was organized for representatives of media and NGOs. The main aim of site visit was introducing media and NGOs with problems and challenges faced by local communities regarding the planning building of small hydropower plants as well as built sHPPs.


On the begining, has been organized meeting with the local communitites in the Dom Kulture, where local communitites expressed dissatisfaction related to the planning buillding small hydropower plants and problems with the built small hydropower plants. Local communitites pointed out the biggest problems with the sHPPs such as: lack of the water and devastated access roads.


The process of intesive development of small hydropower plants has started since 2006, when was adopted Strategy for small hydropower plants. In this document there were no precisly determined locations where sHPPs could have built. On a large number of watercourses there was  no many years of hydrological measurements, and the ecological properties of the sites were not explored, which made it impossible to define realistic technical solutions.


According to the Ministry of economy, in the municipality Plav, is planning in total 7 small hydropower plants, of which are 2 built on Babinopoljska river. Babinoopoljska river and Treskavica river are build river Komarača, where is planning one more hydropower plant.


Interesting fact for Komarača river  is that water from this river is used for 3 villages for irrigation and livestock breeding through irrigation cannals.


Local communitites  who gravitate on the rivers on which the SHPs are planned are sharply opposed to their construction and require the rehabilitation of roads that are devastated by the operation of heavy machinery as well as the suspension of all further activities that involve the construction of SHPPs.


Activity is organized within the project: ENV.NET factoring the enviromental portfolio for Western Balkans and Turkey in the EU Policy Agenda which is financed by  the European Union.

More information on: milica.kandic@greenhome.co.me