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Dosie Eni company

Eni works in 71 Countries all over the world and it hires in total almost 35.000 workers, of which 79% in Europe. 11.970 of these workers are employed in the exploration and production sector of fossil fuels and 4.131 in the sector of gas&power.


Eni stocks of hydrocarbons are estimated around 6.990 million of barrels, distributed among 5 continents, for a service life of 10,5 years. 3.655 barrels are located in Africa with a production of 1.060 drums/day, the highest among all the continents.


The total production of hydrocarbons is 1.816 barrels/day (+3,2% compared to 2016) and the highest ever registered. A 4% increase in the production is foreseen for the 2018.

Eni is considered one of the supermajor global corporations in the sector Oil & Gas:

on 31 March 2018, the market capitalisation of the company was equal to 64 billion dollars. Eni is also listed among the first 100 companies on the list of Future Global 500, classification based on the earnings and revenues.





Congo: in may 2008 Eni signed an agreement for an investment of 3 billion dollars for the period 2008-2012 with the objective of exploration of oil sands, production of palm oil for nutrition and biofuels, and the construction of a gas plant of 350 MW. The interested area in Congo covers a surface of 1.790 kmq, for a production of 2,5 billion of oil barrels. Most of the territory included in the licence is covered by primary tropical forest, whereas the remaining part is populated by local community of small farmers. The local communities report a lack of involvement and consultation. Among the charges to Eni, the procedure of gas flaring, that is burning in open air natural gas linked to the extraction of oil and cause of acid rain.



Ecuador: Eni-Agip (controlled by Eni) works in Ecuador since 1988, when the Ecuadorian Government assigned the first grant. In 2010 a new law established the ri-negotiations of all contracts commitments between the Ecuadorian Government and the oil companies. In the ri-negotiation Eni-Agip obtained modifications to the area, that comprises now also indigenous territories of the Federation Shuar of Pastanza (FENASHP), of Kichwa people of Sarayaku, of the community of Morete and of the nationality Achuar of Ecuador (NAE), without any consultation and consensus of local community, as established in the  constitution. To this day the local population is still expressing a deep dissent in regard to the projects of exploration.




Val d’Agri: the exploitation of the onshore deposit of Val d’Agri started in the ‘90s. Along the years, many criticalities occurred, that dealing with the productive area, composed of 38 wells of which 22 erogating; from the spill of hydrocarbons in the sterile well, until the impacts on the health and the environment that brought to the indictment against ENI that started in 2017.



Gela: Eni under indictment at Gela for environmental disaster caused by the presence of the industrial area of refinery, now reconverted in biorefinery.

According to the charges, carried on by many local associations, the productive cycle of Eni would have affected the health of citizens, causing the development of various diseases and pathologies.



Nigeria: the nigerian community of Ikebiri brought Eni at indiction for environmental disaster. The damage of an oil pipeline of the controlled Nigerian Agip Oil Company and the following leak of oil damaged, in 2010, more than 17 hectare of fauna and vegetation in the area. The local population asked for 2 million of euros for the compensation beyond the remediation of the area.



Portugal: protests of the population for the intentions of Eni (and Galp) to start activities of research and extraction over an area of 9.100 kmq in Algarve, the southern region and one of the most wonderful and touristic part of the Portugal.



Montenegro: local NGOs and the coalition One Adriatic organised protests against the concession that ENI signed, together with Russian energy company Novatek and Government of Montenegro for an area of 1.1228km2 long that includes four blocks in the municipality of Ulcinj.



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