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Regional action for combating forest crime and corruption

This project will create more enabling conditions for control on forests related crime, including innovative information system, as well as the improvement of the monitoring mechanisms through practical sets of indicators and surveys. Based on detailed analyzes and lessons learned of the outdated and mostly not implemented regional/national policy documents and action plans related to this or similar issues, new national action plans will recommend more efficient regulatory, monitoring, control and supervision actions for combating forest related crimes and corruption activities.


Overall objective of the project is to achieve good governance in the forestry sector and combat forest crime and corruption, by increased transparency and networking in the four target countries.


Specific objectives of the action are:

  • SO 1. Established regional network and exchange of knowledge, related to forest crime and corruption
  • SO 2. Improved access to information and established control mechanisms, related to forest crime and corruption
  • SO 3. Developed monitoring mechanisms
  • SO 4. Strengthen capacity of stakeholders to fight forest crime and corruption
  • SO 5. Developed National plans to combat forest crime and corruption


Target group:

Project will target primarily the core forestry/ environmental protection system, including regulatory and implementation bodies (forestry authorities and forestry inspections, forestry administration and different law enforcement agencies) as well as governments and international organisations, environmental agencies, CSO, experts and academics.


Implementing organizations:


Project budget:

The total amount of the project is 776.885,00 €, from which 94% or 730.272,00 € are MFA contribution, and will last from 01.12.2018 until 30.11.2021


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More info on: www.cnvp-eu.org