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Support local community's involvement in protection and promotion of the potential marine protected area – Katič

Establishing the marine protected areas MPAs is one of the crucial mechanism for the protection marine ecosystems. Taking into consideration that Montenegro is beside the Bosnia and Herzegovina only one mediteranean country which doesn't have any Marine protected area, this project will contribute establishing the MPA in Montenegro through the capacity building of local communitites which are gravitate to the MPA,  their involvement in protection and promotion as well as capacity building on institutional level.


Project is devided in 4 componenets:

1. Building capacity and networking of local actors in protection and promotion the first potential MPA;

2. Supporting development and marketing products for a sustainable economy: Promotion Katič as the first potential MPA in Montenegro and promotion diving with Dusky grouper;

3. Advocate on national and international level establishment of the first MPA – Katič in Montenegro;

4. Field work – Collecting data in the potential MPA


The main results of the project are related to the contibution in establishing marine protected areas in Montengro, equipping the marine visitor centre for the future MPA, capacity building of the local communities in protection and promotion future MPA – Katič, collecting data's regarding the sea grass Posidonia oceanica, Dusky grouper as well as monk seals, improving the population of Dusky Grouper, establishing the ecological moorings in MPA Katič. Duration of the project is 36 months.


The total budget of the project is: 232,376.20 USD.


Project will be realized in cooperation with the Montenegrin Ecologist Society and Mediteranean Centre for Enviromental Monitoring - MedCEM with financial support of Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund – CEPF.


Photo by Dr Vesna Macic.


More information on: milica.kandic@greenhome.co.me