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Let's talk about the European Union

With project "Let's talk about the European Union" we want to improve the basis for future action in the area of Chapter 27 (through the analysis of the current state in key segments of the field of the environment and formulating recommendations for future work), strengthen dialogue with partners from the public sector in the initial stage after the opening chapter 27 (through a consultative process and public dialogue), increase the level of awareness and knowledge of rights and obligations (through public campaigns).


This project is designed to support the strategic commitment of Montenegro to raise the level of awareness of citizens about the environment in the context of European integration, through the coordinated action of civil society and dialogue with the representatives of the public sector, and the application of innovative methods of communication and promotion through social networks.


The specific objectives of this project are:

1. Improved cooperation between civil society and public authorities through a public dialogue on high-end models application of EU standards in the field of environmental protection

2. Increased awareness of citizens of EU standards in the field of environment and the current situation in Montenegro, and the impact that the negotiations with the EU for chapter 27 to achieve the state of the environment in Montenegro


Project is supported by the Ministry of public administration, and its duration is 12 months, from January to December 2019.


More information on irma.muhovic@greenhome.co.me.