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Regional Action for Combating Forest and corruption

Bijelo Polje, May 28, 2019. - Within the framework of the project " Regional Action for Combating Forest  and corruption" in Bijelo Polje, a workshop was held and attended by most relevant representatives of the forestry sector, such as the General Secretary for Forestry and Director of the Forest Administration, as well as representatives of the concessionaire, non-governmental sector, local authorities, forest experts and members of the Coordination Committee for monitoring the action plan for the suppression of illegal  activities in forestry.


The workshop "Regional Action for the Fight against Corruption and Crime in Forestry" was presented with an emphasis on the objectives of the project and the activities that should contribute to the fight against forest crime and corruption. Representative of the Coordination Committee for monitoring the action plan for combating illegal activities in forestry, Mr. Milisav Andjelić, highlighted the results of their activities in the previous period. In addition, Mr. Franc Ferlin, a forestry expert, presented the requirements of the FSC Forest Management Standards with regard to illegal activities.


The workshop was preceded by a donation of a mobile scale to control the weight of the transported wood and the field visit to the site around Bijelo Polje where illegal logging was detected. The members of the coordination team indicated that in the last two months they encountered close to 1000 m3 the illegal felling of wood, 4 people working on forest protection were temporarily removed from their jobs and a criminal complaint was filed against one person.


After the workshop, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between project representatives and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, as well as the Forest Administration.


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