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Roundtable: Climate Changes in Montenegro - the legal framework and plans for its implementation

NGO Green Home in cooperation with partners Green Building Council, Podgorica and Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe) , Brussels  organized a roundtable entitled "Climate Change in Montenegro, the legal framework and plans for its implementation." The roundtable will be held on Friday 31st May 2019 in Podgorica in the conference room of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism.


The aim of this roundtable is to introduce a draft Law on climate change protection, commitments and plans of our country when it comes to climate change. In addition, the event will present a  draft version of Guidelines  for preparation of  National Low - carbon Long-term strategy  through which actually needs to setting  our goals to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


The event is organized as part of the project "Together for a better climate in Montenegro",  supported by  Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro that NGO Green Home implementing in cooperation with the Green Building Council from Podgorica and European Climate Action Network(CAN Europe) from Brussels.


For more information: sanja.orlandic@greenhome.co.me