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Birdwatching in the future marine protected area – Katic

Petrovac_13th of June 2019 Our project partners Montenegrin Ecologist Society has organized the study visit in the future marine protected area – Katič. This visit has been attended by the representatives of media, local communities and NGOs. The main aim of the visit was to introduce them with the future marine protected area Katič, benefits of MPAs and the importance of the promotion the sustainable tourist offers like birdwatching. Our guides in the world of birds were couleages from Center for research and protection of birds while the representative of Green Home had a lecture about the importance of establishing MPA.


Activity was organized within the project: Support local communities involvment in the promotion and protection future Marine Protected Area – Katic. The project is implemented by the NGO Green Home in cooperation with Montenegrin Ecologist Society and MedCEM. The project is financed by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund.


More information on: milica.kandic@greenhome.co.me