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Clean air in Montenegro 2019/2020

NGO Green Home started implementing „Clean Air for Montenegro project“. The project aims to highlight the negative effects of coal combustion on the environment, quality of life and human health, as well as the importance of switching to alternative energy sources for the long-term improvement of air quality, through raising awareness of new energy solutions and the just transition process.


The general objective is to encourage the use of clean energy, adopt a just transition and address the environmental and health problems caused by air pollution in the Municipality of Pljevlja, as well as throughout Montenegro.


The specific objectives of the project are:

1) To raise citizens awareness of the negative effects of coal combustion on the environment and health by presenting data on indoor and outdoor air quality in Pljevlja;

2) To raise an informatory base on the consequences of coal phase-out for citizens, local and national authorities, and adopting a just transition;

3) To monitor the revision of the National Climate Change Strategy by 2030, conducting a dialogue on the adoption of indoor air quality into legislation and on feasible solutions for a clean energy transition.


The project is funded by the European Climate Foundation and lasts 12 months (from October 2019 to October 2020).


More informations at: nevena.petkovic@greenhome.co.me