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Successfully conducted monitoring of Posidonia oceanica

Petrovac_21.07. – 25.07.2020._NGO Green Home in cooperation with NGO MedCEM and NGO MES, as well as with Institute for marine biology conducted monitoring of sea meadows of Posidonia oceanica

Monitoring was conducted on 5 locations between Crni cape and cape Skočiđevojka. On all 5 locations two dives per day were carried out on 3 different depths. Monitoring was carried out by the divers with knowledge about marine biology as well as experts in the field. Dr Vesna Mačić from the institute for the Marine Biology informed divers about methodology of the monitoring process.

The specialized team of Željko Dragutinović on his boat Downunder provided technical support.


Posidonia oceanica is endemic specie and it is habitat to numerous other species. Negative impacts on habitat of sea meadows are primarily illegal anchoring and poaching. Results of monitoring will give us data about preservation status of the sea meadows of this specie.


Activities are part of the project” Support local community’s involvement in preservation and promotion of the potential marine protected area – Katič” and it is financed by the CEPF.


For more information contact: milosavmilicic@greenhome.co.me