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Population Assessment of Glass eel

The Bojana River is particularly important habitat for the European Eel Anguilla Anguilla (L.), inhibits Skadarsko and Sasko Lake. The declining trend of eel stock has been noticed on the European continent, while insufficient research has been conducted in our country. Unfortunately, there is no precise data on eel stock for Montenegro.

Only data on potential habitats where they can be registered in Montenegro are available.

Green Home has started the implementation of the project "Glass eel stock Assessment in the river Bojana", with the aim to improve the state of the stock of eel glass in this area.


The goals of the project are: involvement of the local community in eel protection, contribution to scientific research data on eel in Montenegro, contribution to reducing pressures that directly threaten and affect the reduction of eel population, improving institutional cooperation and coordination for eel protection in the Bojana River Basin.

The project consists of four thematic units:

- Raising awareness of the importance of eel protection and involving the local community;


- Mapping pressures that directly or indirectly affect eel stocks;

- Improving institutional cooperation.

The scientific data that will be obtained by conducting research on the state of the glass eel population in the Bojana River, will be the first data after more than 20 years. The research will be conducted in cooperation with the team from the Faculty of Science, Biology Study Program.

The project is financially supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund - CEPF.

More information on: irma.muhovic@greehome.co.me