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Blockade of Vasove vode landfill

Berane, 02 August 2012 - Representatives of the NGO Green Home and our volunteers have provided support to local people from Beranselo, concerning the problems of the temporary waste storage in Vasove vode, by attending one of the many blockades organized with the aim of stopping further disposal at this site. In fact, this is a landfill approved by the ministry for the seventh year in a row as a temporary landfill in the municipality Berane although the legislation limits its duration for two years only.

With synchronized series of actions and raising public awareness local people from Beranselo are trying to stop further devastation of space especially regarding the choice of location that has been selected for the regional sanitary landfill with a capacity that would meet the needs of municipalities in the north region of Montenegro (Berane, Andrijevica, Plav, Gusinje and Rozaje , which is located at a distance from the Lim River than the predetermined by national legislation. This landfill is not properly fenced and is serving as a disposal for different types of waste without prior selection.

In addition to the many residents and representatives of civil society blockade of Vasove vode landfill was attended by the UNICEF Ambassador Rambo Amadeus, advocate of a healthy and preserved environment, by encouraging local people to persist in their struggle.


More information at: jovana.janjusevic@greenhome.co.me