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Round table under the frame of ETNAR project

Podgorica, 25 April 2014 - NGO Green Home organized a round table in the premises of the EU Info Centre, on which two studies concerning the current energy situation in Montenegro and the proposed construction of the second thermal power plant in Pljevlja were presented.


The first study, entitled Energy complex of Pljevlja, was prepared in cooperation with the European Climate Foundation and the relevant experts in this field and provides a different perspective on the issue of of using coal in Plevlja basin to generate electricity and offers a new development concept based on cleaner technologies, which opens the possibility of the development, job creation, poverty reduction and addressing issues of revitalization of devastated area in the municipality and reducing the pollution, providing at the same time continued production of electricity.


The second document presented is the national energy paper of Montenegro called Sustainable Energy in Montenegro, prepared with the support of Heinrich Boll Foundation, office in Zagreb. This document proves that environmental protection and renewable energy sources are not an obstacle to economic growth, but rather an opportunity for development through the sustainable use of abundant natural resources in the region. This publication focuses on local potential for development of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which together have a great potential for bottom-up shift towards more sustainable energy.


A number of people who recognize the need for a radical shift in the region, including the expert team from Montenegro, was involved in making these publications.


In addition to these documents, a twenty minute environmental film "Pljevlja degraded city" was presented. The film deals with the problem of pollution in Pljevlja and is a result of project activities of NGOs ‘Da zaživi selo’from Pljevlja.


At the roundtable, which included the participation of representatives of all relevant institutions at local and national level, the speakers were:

Jelena Marojević-Galić, NGO Green Home

Vedran Horvat i Iva Kvakić, Heinrich Boll Foundation, office in Zagreb

Vaso Knežević, NGO Da zaživi selo, Pljevlja

Aleksandar Kovačević, independent expert in economy and energy

Nebojša Jablan, independent expert in energy.


The event was organized part of the project "Network of NGOs for advocacy for sustainable use of energy and natural resources in the Western Balkans and Turkey - ETNAR" supported by the European Union - the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) - Civil Society Facility (CSF).


More information at: jelena.marojevic@greenhome.co.me