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Letter of concern to Prime Minister Djukanovic about the announced construction of the second block of TE Pljevlja

Podgorica, September 09, 2016 - Building  TPP Pljevlja II is  in all strategic documents of Montenegro set as a priority. Unfortunately, this document is in a small percentage dealing with alternative solutions, and at a time when they passed the first plans for the construction of thermal power plants the world was far from any agreement on climate. The preparations for the world summit on climate in Paris resulted in the closure of power plants throughout Europe.


The question is the extent to which Montenegro is committed to this trend considering we blindly keep the energy path that is based on the production of energy from coal, and as far as our goals for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases realistic. What organizations dealing with the protection of the environment draws attention to is whether the termo power plant only solution and do we  have considered all the things which we have, and that is a huge potential for solar and wind power, and how we can reduce energy consumption and its losses in the transmission and distribution networks.


We need to ask ourselves whether it is humane to after 30 years continue with pollution Pljevlja and the promises of the heating system, and what is the actual calculation considering the rehabilitation of damages arising from the first block of the thermal power plant, the number of patients, the number of deaths, the construction of the new unit and the one the new block carries. Regardless of the notice for the use of the latest technologies, environmental pollution and negative impact on plants, animals and humans is inevitable.


The intention of the letter is Dr. Helmut Röscheisen sent Czech ministers and letters which Prof. Dr. Dan Kammen instructed Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, was not it that Ministry of Economy hear that the construction of the second block of the thermal power plant is  "organic", energy and economically important project in Montenegro, but to re-examine a decision on energy based on coal, at a time when the whole world strives towards energy efficiency and the use of other energy sources - and not just because they are cleaner technology, but also because their prices are falling at high speed.


Moreover, not in any way dispute that renewable energy sources are used, primarily hydroelectric, but is it possible that in a country with so many hours of sunshine, solar energy hardly used, even if it is for heating water ?



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