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Energy Community does not support the construction of II thermal power plant in Pljevlja

Podgorica, 15 September 2016 - After the Ministry of Economy issued a response to the press release of the NGO Green Home, Energy Community Secretariat sent a letter to Minister Vladimir Kavarić response to this statement. The letter was sent yesterday to the Minister Kavaric, signed by Janez Kopac, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat.

In response which the Ministry published, states that the project for construction of TPP Pljevlja is priority project of the Government of Montenegro, which is recognized as such in all its policy documents, including the Energy Development Strategy of Montenegro by 2030. In addition, emphasize that this is a document that is fully compliant with EU directives and international conventions on the protection of the environment and that is, before the adoption, received a positive assessment by the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, the official institution of the EU in the field of energy for South Europe.

In a letter to the Ministry sent by Energy Community states that the Secretariat on June 5, 2014, gave comments on the Energy Strategy of Montenegro. In the accompanying letter it was pointed out that "comments on the energy strategy does not fall under the direct jurisdiction of the Secretariat, because they have no direct impact on the fulfillment of the obligations arising from membership in the Energy Community". The Secretariat did not comment on plans to build a second block of the thermal power plant Pljevlja, as the decision on the energy mix, the responsibility of Montenegro as a member of the Energy Community Treaty and the Secretariat that there is no role. Therefore, it can not be concluded that the Energy Community supported the project of the second block of thermal power plant Pljevlja.

The letter further states that the Energy Community, following the EU policies related to climate and energy, is on the development path of low-carbon solutions. This time it is supported by political commitment of countries like Montenegro, which last year signed the Paris agreement which will enter into force soon. The investment in the new power station can have long-term consequences on the fulfillment of the objectives of the Paris agreement aimed to combat climate change.

Finally, based on the decision of the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community (2013/06 / MC-ENC), all new power plants will have to comply with conditions stipulated in the Annex of Chapter 3 and 5 of the Directive on industrial emissions (Industrial Emissions Directive - IED) as of January 1st 2018 onwards. It is reasonable to assume that the new thermal power plant Pljevlja will start working after this date, so it will have to comply with these rules of the Directive on industrial emissions, is the minimum that means the legal framework of the Energy Community. This means that these power plants will have to comply with very high standards of work, concludes in this letter.

More information: diana.cavor@greenhome.co.me