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Roundtable: What is energy poverty and how to deal with it?

Podgorica, October 24, 2016. - NGO Green Home in cooperation with partner organizations from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, is implementing the project "Reduce Energy Use and Change Habits (REACH)" in order to contribute to solving the problem of energy poverty on practical and systemic level.


In order to inform the public on the topic of energy poverty and to establish a dialogue with all stakeholders, round table "What is energy poverty and how to deal with it?" will be held on Tuesday 25 October 2016. One of the organizations working for several years in this area is the Society for Sustainable Development Design in Croatia, where Ms Slavica Robic will talk about the concept of energy poverty, current situation in the countries of the European Union and the countries of the Western Balkans.


Besides, data obtained in Montenegro after the pilot survey conducted in Montenegro, will be presented on the round table.


The project promotes the rational use of energy and envisages a series of activities designed for energy-poor households such as free counseling, donating small package devices for energy saving and the like.


At the same time the project aims to provide a wider recognition of energy poverty as a problem that requires structural change and solutions at the local and national level.

In accordance with this, the project foresees the cooperation and involvement of representatives / institutions and organizations whose work, experience and knowledge could contribute to solving this problem.


We invite you to attend the round table and learn more about the topic of energy poverty.


Round table "What is energy poverty and how to deal with it?" will be held in the hall of Cetinje Hotel Best Western Premier on Tuesday, 10.25.2016. starting at 10h. (Registration will start at 9:30).


More information: sanja.orlandic@greenhome.co.me