The Round Table “Waste Management in the Capital City” was held

The Round Table “Waste Management in the Capital City” was held

NGO Green Home organized the Round Table “Waste Management in the Capital City” at which representatives of the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism, Podgorica “Čistoća”, “Deponija”, the Secretariat for Communal Affairs of the Capital City and numerous other institutions and organizations spoke.

The new Law on Waste Management must involve interested parties and undergo a new process of public discussion. In addition, the importance of establishing a quality waste management system was highlighted, both for the protection of the environment and human health, as well as for meeting the criteria for chapter 27 within the negotiations on accession to the European Union. Through the discussion, the lack of inter-institutional communication and cooperation was emphasized, as well as numerous problems that require the involvement of actors at all levels in the decision-making process.

It was also concluded that primary selection is a key link in the waste management process, and additional effort is needed in the direction of achieving the set goals, i.e. creating assumptions and enabling as many citizens as possible to primarily select waste in their households, which would increase the percentage of quality secondary material that can be recycled. It was also assessed that utility companies must function in such a way that their primary focus is the public and not the commercial interest of the company, for which they must have adequate support from the local self-government.

There is an urgent need to address the issue of waste tires at the national level, which is the responsibility of the Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism. The participants of the Round Table also concluded that the punitive policy must be strengthened against citizens and legal entities that dispose of waste improperly, given that the practice so far has not produced the desired results.


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