I separate waste too!

I separate waste too!

Through our project I separate waste too!, we want to contribute to understanding and improvements in the waste management process in the Capital.

By analyzing the efficiency of activity implementation in this area we will point out good practices and weak links in the waste management system in Podgorica, and recommend further steps for improvement. 

A public opinion survey will give us insight into the public’s awareness and informedness on the matter, their opinions on waste management, infrastructure availability, which incentives would push them to separate waste, and what Podgorica lacks in that regard. This will give us information about the shortcomings of the waste management system.

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of ecology, spatial planning and urbanism of Montenegro.

Further information is available at: anastasija.lalevic@greenhome.co.me

Program za zaštitu životne sredine
January 2022 – September 2022


Podgorica, Montenegro
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