The development of startups is a great opportunity in the field of food production

The development of startups is a great opportunity in the field of food production

The development of startups is a great opportunity in the field of food production, but also for the development of Montenegrin agriculture and economy in general.
On Friday, November 4, 2022, in Podgorica, we held a training session on the development of startups in
areas of food production.
The training was also attended by representatives of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development who presented support programs that are available to everyone developing startups.
Apart from national, there are significant potentials for development and learning about this topic at the international level, which are presented by the EIT Food organization.
The participants of the training learned through the presentations of our associates from Innovation Entrepreneurship of the Technopolis Center and were introduced with the possibilities for education and financing of business ideas, but also steps that should be taken in the process of their development. Everyone who starts development startups must be ready to face the fact that not all ideas are good enough, that we must be ready to change them but also to share them with others. The participants got acquainted with the basic elements of Startup: where to start, how to develop a business model and which tools can be helpful in that direction, but also guidelines on how to follow the whole process and how to make better decisions that will lead those who develop their business to the right direction. Through a practical exercise, participiants also developed their ideas for startups in the field of food production that were presented to all participants at the end. Even though the participants had a short period of time to develop the idea, interesting examples were presented for the reduction of aphids, the import of high-quality certified raw materials for feeding fish, developing irrigation systems in arid areas, developing biopackaging for vegetables and sensors that will help farmers cope with climate changes. The training is part of the EIT Food Start-up Awareness Event project, which was supported by the EIT Food CLC North East sp.z.o.o. and which is implemented in Montenegro by the NGO Green Home. EIT Food is the world’s largest and most dynamic innovation and food community. With support of the The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, they invest in projects, organizations and individuals who share the goals for a healthy and sustainable food production system.


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