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Together for sustainable forests

NGO Green Home has started the implementation of the project "Together for sustainable forests ". Sustainable forest management means managing forests and forest land in such a way as to preserve biodiversity, while keeping the productivity, regeneration, vitality and potential of forests at a level that would meet the environmental, economic and social needs of present and future generations, both locally and at the national level. In order to manage forests sustainably, serious attention must be paid to reducing illegal activities in forestry, but also the vulnerability of forests to fires, climate change and irrational use of forest resources.


The main objective of the project is to support sustainable forest management through networking and joint action of all stakeholders: institutions, private forest owners, civil society and citizens.


Specific objectives of the project:

1) pointing out the importance of the forest, its ecosystem, economic, social, health and cultural significance

2) strengthening cooperation between institutions, private forest owners, civil society and citizens

3) training of representatives of the civil sector and private forest owners on forest care measures


The project is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and lasts 7 months (from August 2020 to March 2021).


More information at: nevena.petkovic@greenhome.co.me