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Green center

"Green Center" is informal alliance which gather all ecological NGO prepared to actively participate in improvement and consistent implementation of legislative concerning environment protection.


Main objectives of "Green Center" are: introducing the content of legal documents concerning environment protection (national and EU) to NGOs, local communities and other interested parties, organizing joint NGO activities, work on the campaign of common interest and final development and strengthening of ecological NGO alliance, aiming better communication in the field of designing »ecological policy«.


"Green Center" is established because of the needs for higher participation of NGOs and public services in the processes of adopting decisions, laws and other legal documents, and consistent implementation of legislation in the practice and the need for pointing out on changes in the environment caused by negligence and disrespecting of existing laws.

Alliance "Green Center" was founded on 19th January, 2006 in Podgorica.

Green Center members:


• NVO Breznica, Pljevlja

• NVO Bonum, Pljevlja

• NVO Green Youth, Pljevlja

• NVO Godinje, Bar

• NVO Viva Vita, Pljevlja

• NVO Otpor, Bijelo Polje

• NVO Tresnjica, Berane

• NVO Triton, Plav

• NVO Plagus M, Plav

• NVO Fors Montenegro, Kolasin

• NVO Natura, Kolašin

• NVO Young ecologists NK, Nikšić

• NVO Ozon, Nikšić

• NVO CESP, Podgorica

• NVO Zelena obala, Podgorica

• NVO Hidroecologica, Podgorica

• NVO Center for protection and research of birds of Montenegro, Podgorica

• NVO Ribolovački raj, Podgorica - Njemačka

• NVO Skadarsko jezero, Virpazar - Bar

• NVO Green Step, Ulcinj

• NVO Pristan, Ulcinj

• NVO Kalimera, Ulcinj

• NVO Planinar, Mojkovac

• NVO Eko Pljevlja, Pljevlja

• NVO CEPT - Centar za ekologiju, poljoprivredu i turizam, Bijelo Polje

• NVO Mens Sana

• NVO Savjet Drvne Industrije

• NVO Zelena Gora

• NVO Ecovita

• NVO Eco fest

• NVO Center for sustainable tourism initiatives, Podgorica

• NVO Green.me, Budva

• NVO EcoMont

• Smart Energy doo, Budva

• Fondation Caritas Luxembourg, office in Berane

• Ministry of education and science

• Technical bureau Mp-company doo (alternative energy sources)