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About project

Main goal of the project "Green Resource Center" is strengthening capacities of NGOs and civil society regarding EU Directives, national legislative and positive practice in the region concerning environment protection.


Aim of the project is also strengthening the cooperation between ecological NGOs and increasing participation of eco NGO in the processes of development and implementation of this legislative.


In this sense, informal Alliance "Green Center", which gathers ecological non governmental organizations that want to actively participate in improvement of legislative regarding environment protection, is established. Aims of Green Center are: enabling access to information and legislative regarding environment protection, organizing joint activities, working on the campaigns supporting issues of common interest and final development and strengthening the network of eco NGOs.


Objectives of "Green Resource Center" are:

• Establishing center for supporting local NGOs, which will enable access to the international and national legislative regarding environment protection to all eco NGOs in the country.

• Strengthening capacity of civil society, concerning knowledge on EU standards and international treaties and conventions regarding environment protection.

• Enabling constant flow and exchange of information between eco NGO, through regular meetings, e-network, other media, and developing possibilities for joint initiatives and bindings.

• Raising public awareness on issues relevant to development and implementation of legislative regarding environment protection.


The ultimate goal of this project is:

Strengthened capacity of civil society, both in terms of achieved development of knowledge about the EU standards and international agreements, and in terms of networking and building alliances of NGOs.

Project "Green Resource Center" is supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy.