Celebration of Drim Basin Day

Celebration of Drim Basin Day

Ada Bojana_10.05. – 11.05.2019_NGO Green Home will in the period from 10.05. – 11.05.2019. organize an educational camp on Ada Bojana to mark the day of the Drim basin. The camp is organized in cooperation with the NGO Green Step and with the support of the GEF project “Strengthening cross-border cooperation and integral management of water resources in the extended basin of the Drim River”.

The Drim river basin covers a geographical area of ​​19,000 km², extending through Albania, Greece, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. The Drim basin is a connected hydrological system that includes lakes Big and Little Prespa, Lake Skadar, the river Drim including its tributaries: Big and Little Drim and the river Bojana. In this regard, we are pleased to work in partnership with other organizations operating in the Drim basin, where similar activities will be organized.

The goal of this action is to draw attention to the growing problem of plastic as one of the major pressures on the Drim basin. It is known that the biggest threat to biodiversity after climate change is plastic pollution, and particularly sensitive ecosystems such as marine ones are the most affected.

According to the available analyses, the biggest problem is marine waste and small fractions of plastic – microplastics, which certainly reach humans through the food chain. It is known that about 50% of the waste found on the beach is disposable plastic such as: plastic straws, ear sticks, plastic cutlery, plastic bags and cups.

During the two-day camp, the participants will be informed through a series of lectures about the harmful effects of plastic and the need to use alternative products such as thermoses, mugs, a cleaning campaign will be carried out, and a movie night in nature will also be organized, where films about the values ​​of the Drim basin will be presented and the importance of integral management of this water resource.


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