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Green Home is dedicated to protecting the environment, preserving the natural
resources and the implementation of the concept of sustainable development.

Nature protection

Sustainable development

Sustainable use of natural resources

Waste management

Energy and climate change

European integration


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Our programs

Environment protection programme

Through the environment protection programme, we advocate the implementation of European standards and sustainable solutions in the area of environment protection. We work on awareness raising and citizen education. We initiate and support initiatives that are oriented towards nature protection and preservation.

Energy and climate change programme

Through the energy and climate change programme we advocate the implementation of energy efficiency measures, a transition to renewable energy sources and decarbonization. We work on raising awareness about the effect of climate change on people and nature.

Coalition 27

Coalition 27 is an informal network of Montenegrin NGOs that represents a platform for joint participation of civil society organizations in the process of adopting European Union standards and values ​​in the field of environmental protection.

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Meet Ideological leader for
youth generation

Mayor Carnee Simmons is committed to solving problems for town people across the state under her leadership.

Expanding access to affordable healthcare, improving skills, respecting working families as the City’s 45th mayor. Mayor Carnee was won in the serve a sixth term on Octorber 7, 2018.

“Stand at the top of a cliff and jump off and build your wings on the way down.”

– Carnee Simmons, Mayor

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The city council have the real super powers as administraion to lead country.