More than 600 elementary school students educated about natural disasters

More than 600 elementary school students educated about natural disasters

Podgorica, PR press service – More than 600 elementary school students in Montenegro were educated about natural disasters through the project “I am ready” implemented by the non-governmental organization (NGO) Green Home, which is recognized as important in the prevention of extraordinary events.

This was announced at a conference organized by the NGO Green Home on the occasion of the presentation of the results of the “I am ready” project, which was supported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro, with funds from the Protection and Rescue Fund.

The coordinator of the energy program at the NGO Green Home, Sanja Orlandić, stated that the goal of the project is to educate children in elementary schools about natural disasters, which, as she said, are becoming more frequent in Montenegro.

“As a result of the project, we held workshops in ten primary schools. In Herceg Novi, we worked with the elementary schools “Dašo Pavičić”, “Ilija Kišić” and “Orjenski battalion”, in Pljevlja with “Salko Aljković”, “Ristan Pavlović” and “Boško Buha”. In Podgorica, we cooperated with the schools “Štampar Makarije”, “Pavle Rovinski”, “Vlado Milić” and “Radojica Perović”, stated Orlandić.

She announced that the NGO Green Home educated more than 600 elementary school students about natural disasters during 18 workshops, in cooperation with regional units of the Directorate for Emergency Situations and the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro.

“In addition to the workshops that we held with the expert help of regional units of the Directorate for Emergency Situations and the Institute for Public Health, we established clubs in all schools that will continue to work and promote this topic related to natural disasters,” Orlandić pointed out.

She said that as part of the project, a camp was organized in Crkvički polje, near Plužine, which, as she explained, had an entertaining character in addition to the educational part, which included trips to certain viewpoints and cycling.

“In addition to the natural values ​​that we wanted to show the students, we also worked on education, that’s why we organized a workshop related to emergency situations, we learned about orientation and coping in nature, which we did in cooperation with colleagues from the non-governmental organization Bush Craft.” “We had an extremely interesting presentation about the fires, as well as about our expedition to Mount Everest, which was presented to us by Šlagi Vujović,” said Orlandić.

She explained that part of the activities during the project were also focused on content on social networks.

“Keeping in mind the importance of social networks, we created ten infographics on the topic of natural disasters, posted on our Facebook, which count almost 23,699 thousand views.” We also made five web banners that were promoted on the FOS Media portal and mobile application. So far, we have had almost 52,000 views on the portal, while the web banners on the mobile application have around 55,000 views,” said Orlandić.

She said that an educational brochure on the subject of natural disasters was also produced.

Orlandić pointed out that elementary schools in Montenegro showed great interest and that they were good collaborators.

“We also wanted to reward elementary schools through this project, and the most active school proved to be the school from Herceg Novi “Dašo Pavičić”, which we are rewarding with 20 camping bags and tents for 20 people. Other schools that participated in the project will also be awarded with first aid kits and anti-fire apparatus, according to their needs,” Orlandić announced.

The head of the Directorate for Operational Affairs of the Directorate for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Radomir Šćepanović, pointed out that the department continuously works on the prevention of emergency situations, and that the “I’m ready” project is recognized as extremely useful.

“There are analyzes that indicate that one euro invested in prevention means seven in remediation of the consequences, and the weight and benefit of this project is therefore even greater. “All these activities could not have been carried out without the excellent cooperation that the colleagues from the Directorate had with the representatives of the educational institutions,” said Šćepanović.

He explained that the implemented activities are part of the global initiative to reduce the risk of disasters, as well as to raise the awareness of citizens.

“I believe that the best results are achieved precisely with the young population, i.e. children.” Also, the project shows that the latest legal solutions, i.e. changes to the Law on Protection and Rescue, which enabled the establishment of the Fund for Protection and Rescue, are a confirmation that we have made a step forward and a good solution through a continuous and stable source of funding”, assessed Šćepanović.

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