270 felled trees in Prokletije National Park

270 felled trees in Prokletije National Park

As many as 270 large and small trees were felled, torn down, broken or uprooted during the construction of a road through the Prokletije National Park in the town of Grebaja, a few days ago. In addition, numerous trees have been undermined and are at risk of collapsing.

The scale of the work carried out and the great damage that was done further confirm that it took days to complete this “job”. The entire kilometer of the road was broken by heavy machines, which in addition to the trees, also destroyed large amounts of soil, which further collapses the ecosystem in the otherwise legally protected natural zone.

The absence of a timely reaction of the supervisor, the protection service and the administration in relation to the scope of the works performed and the damage done in the Prokletije National Park, only further confirms the futility of the existence of this public company.

Therefore, it is necessary to urgently approach the determination of guilt, the prosecution of the responsible persons, as well as the rehabilitation of the field.


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