Our rivers – without dams

Our rivers – without dams

The civic gathering under the slogan “Our rivers – without dams” will be held on Tuesday, 07/09/2019. in front of the Ministry of Economy starting at 11 am. The gathering is part of the regional campaign “Action Week for Balkan Rivers”, which is organized throughout the Balkan countries in the period from July 6-16.

Objectives of the gathering:

Highlight the views of local communities and NGOs regarding the planned construction of hydropower plants on rivers in Montenegro;
Point out the harmful effects of the construction of small hydro;
Demand the introduction of a permanent moratorium on the construction of small hydropower plants based on the licenses granted so far, the suspension of construction and the termination of all contracts.

The planning process of small hydroelectric power plants in Montenegro was not implemented adequately. The local population was not included in the processes of decision-making and planning of small hydropower plants, which resulted in numerous protests and dissatisfaction of citizens throughout the north of Montenegro.

The activity is realized in cooperation with the organizations Riverwatch and EuroNatur. The activity is supported through the project: ENV.NET inclusion of the environment of the Western Balkans and Turkey in the EU agenda. The project aims to contribute to the improvement of environmental legislation and its implementation in accordance with EU standards.


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