Support to Iberostar in the implementation of the Coastal Health Improvement Strategy

Support to Iberostar in the implementation of the Coastal Health Improvement Strategy

Green Home supports Iberostar in implementing the Coastal Health Strategy. Iberostar is a family-owned company that manages around 100 hotels worldwide, mainly in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. As part of their sustainability strategy, Iberostar has launched a Roadmap for Coastal Health Improvement, with the overarching goal of contributing to the improvement of all ecosystems around Iberostar properties by 2030. Green Home, along with its partners, assists them in assessing the current environmental conditions in the ecosystems around Iberostar’s properties.
In Montenegro, Iberostar has three hotels located in Budva and Herceg Novi.

About the Wave of Change

In 2020, the company Iberostar committed to leading responsible tourism, partly by protecting and restoring the ocean upon which their business depends. Through their pioneering movement called “The Wave of Change,” Iberostar provides solutions for the ocean’s most significant challenges by leveraging the benefits of tourism and the private sector’s ability to accelerate and expand these solutions. These actions aim to lead to more sustainable business practices and resilient regenerative destinations for future generations to enjoy. Iberostar’s Roadmap for Coastal Health Improvement addresses the third of five long-term commitments within the Wave of Change: improving the ecological health of ecosystems.

This roadmap sets clear objectives in critical areas of the tourism sector, destinations, and ocean health. It establishes clear precedents for making the business case, sets key progress indicators that will be used to monitor success, and provides guidance. The project is financially supported by Iberostar.

Environmental protection programme
August 2023 – December 2025



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